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FreeBSD 11.1 has been released, and as you can tell by the version number, it's a point release. The release announcement, release notes, and errata are available for your perusal. FreeBSD users already know full well how to upgrade - they're probably already running it - and newcomers can go to the download page to download the proper ISO.

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compared to Linux as workstation?
by project_2501 on Wed 26th Jul 2017 17:14 UTC
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I think it is great, and absolutely essential, that we have diversity in operating systems. I love how the BSDs have a different, "engineered", approach compared to Linux + userland.

Anyway - how does freeBSD / TrueOS compare to Linux based distros in 2017 for a general purpose workstation - multimedia, coding, driving a 4K external display at 60hz over displayport (Thinkpad T450s)?

Luckily there is less reliance on Flash these days, which helps BSD browsers.

How is ZFS for normal user performance .. I thought it was designed for server workloads and the attendant memory etc...

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