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OpenStep, GNUstep

After almost 8 years (we talked about it, of course), a new version of the GNUSTEP live CD has been released - version 2.5, for amd64. The live CD is based on Debian 9, has low hardware requirements, and uses Linux 4.9 with compressed RAM and no systemd. The live CD is a very easy and non-destructive way of testing out and playing with GNUSTEP, a free software implementation of OPENSTEP.

It's been a long, long time since I got to use our glorious *STEP database category. Isn't that one beautiful icon?

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RE[2]: Sigh
by Darkmage on Thu 27th Jul 2017 21:43 UTC in reply to "RE: Sigh"
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Yeah, and in the 10 years I've been following System there's still no way to set the system volume/sound card options, configure X11, or configure networking. Basic features that Gnome/KDE/Windows/Apple have had for years. This is the problem with these projects. There are enough languages to choose from on Linux/BSD/HURD. Objective-C/Swift isn't compelling enough and hasn't got a large enough base of applications to bother with. It could be different if there was a desktop environment that actually worked and had a cohesive Next-like philosophy. But all there is is a half supported API and a bunch of apps which have functional replacements everywhere else. I know this is negative as heck, but after 10-15 years following this project. It's clear it's going nowhere. It's a shame, because GNUstep actually let you setup the apps to work like Windows/Apple/Nextstep with a single environment variable. Combined with Etoile's menu server you could cobble together something that started to look/feel like OSX. But the hasn't even got tabbed views, and there is no web browser which considering the importance of the web these days is pretty big for most people... Anyway the point is, 10 years, almost 0 progress, nothing compelling using it. Just small apps that are barely maintained, and only in the sense that they can start. Even if the project's only goal had been to clone just one of Apple's media apps it would have been a better use of time/manpower.

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