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China appears to have received help on Saturday from an unlikely source in its fight against tools that help users evade its Great Firewall of internet censorship: Apple.

Software made by foreign companies to help users skirt the country's system of internet filters has vanished from Apple's app store on the mainland.

Profit over people is entirely normal for large corporations like Apple. They rarely choose the other way around.

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RE[3]: Censorship
by mistersoft on Thu 3rd Aug 2017 15:12 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Censorship"
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Unfortunately I agree with most of that.

Regarding Governments and their interests though.. (they are a more interesting player than the corporations) as different branches and institutions within governments can have enormously different agendas and motives. e.g. antitrust regulators, homeland security, the high/supreme courts, and possibly least importantly politicians

I think computer and comms device ubiquity is only just becoming great enough for all the different forces and agendas (to begin) to equilibrate.

Just as traffic laws, stop signals and speed signs regulate traffic flow and our driving behaviour, and some folk buy light aircraft, microlights, drones and more and bypass some of the above -- so sideloading, tor, adhoc wifi mesh networks, linux, bsd, and free will will allow those who wish to "speed" or flyover or around some of more silly restrictions. Will be interesting to watch the coming digital evolutions

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