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In what's never going to be a regular occurance, I'm linking to a Twitter thread. Chris Espinosa tweets:

Just as I was wrapping up an email and getting ready to leave work, a co-worker rolled his chair over to show me an "interesting" thing.

Go ahead, read it.

UNIX, man. Not even once.

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RE[2]: UNIX showing its age again...
by grat on Thu 10th Aug 2017 19:53 UTC in reply to "RE: UNIX showing its age again..."
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Luckily, there are convenient ways to automatically transform manpages into pure ASCII text (no more highlighting, reverse, underlining) or to PDF, especially because PDF is a very popular document exchange format.

I wouldn't consider most of your examples to be "convenient". I recall piping the output of man to nroff, but that's a really old memory.

Personally, I find that

man ls > ls.txt

is all I need to do under my current bash environment.

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