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Mac OS X

I spend an inordinate amount of time searching for information about macOS. Whether I am researching the answers for my section in MacFormat magazine, or trying to solve my own problems here, I am also daily reminded of Apple's wholesale failure to provide consistent and complete documentation of its flagship product.

The idea you would donate an inordinate amount of time and effort for free to the richest company in the world to perform work they ought to be doing is wholly and completely baffling to me.

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RE[3]: undocumented - the norm
by Megol on Mon 14th Aug 2017 10:07 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: undocumented - the norm"
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"If you think Windows is largely undocumented, I think that may have more to do with the fact that probably you've never developed for that platform and are unaware that things like MSDN exist.
If you don't know that Windows is still largely undocumented then you need to gen. up. It isn't what documentation exists, it is the documentation that does not exist that defines what is missing. "

I assume you have examples? MS have many issues but documentation isn't (generally) one of them.

Yes there are undocumented parts of Windows - but those parts aren't exposed to users/developers and aren't provided as stable API/ABI. IOW if you are trying to use undocumented parts then you are probably doing something wrong or mucking about in something that may change in any OS update.

The state of documentation in OSX seems to be (if the linked article is right) not even comparable.

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