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Amiga & AROS

Amiga Love has had a few articles on getting various Commodore machines back online and into the BBS world. From C64s to Amiga 500s (et al) as well as the terminal programs we use; PETSCII capable (i, ii) in case you're trying to hit an C64 BBS from your Amiga or ANSI capable, like A-Talk III, for most other boards. There are a lot of options out there, and the BBS scene is vastly smaller than back in the day, but it's not dead by any stretch. Oh no, dear reader, it is not dead. (I see four lights!) If anything, the interest in this form of socializing and connecting seems to be growing lately as hardware options become easier to build and less expensive to source.

Tonight, I finally got my Amiga 1000 online for the first time ever and connected to some of my favorite BBSes. And oh my god, have you ever seen a more beautiful sight? I doubt it. Well, at least not for about 30 years, give or take.

About 2000 years from now, Amiga will be the object of a world religion. It just cannot die.

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year 2000 was no problem for Amigas since the date since they simply count seconds since 1970 ... ok we will run out of seconds on 19 January, 2046, 03:14:07 ... but a simple patch to unsigned integer will prolong that to 7 February, 2114, 06:28:15.

After that, we will simply set the year 0 to the birth of the Amiga in 1985.
(as every religion does...)

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