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Apple is adding an easy way to quickly disable Touch ID in iOS 11. A new setting, designed to automate emergency services calls, lets iPhone users tap the power button quickly five times to call 911. This doesn't automatically dial the emergency services by default, but it brings up the option to and also temporarily disables Touch ID until you enter a passcode. Twitter users discovered the new option in the iOS 11 public beta, and The Verge has verified it works as intended.

It's sad that we live in a world where our devices need features like this, but I commend Apple for doing so.

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RE[11]: What?
by fmaxwell on Mon 21st Aug 2017 20:03 UTC in reply to "RE[10]: What?"
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Protect it from who? Police?

It's like protecting your good name -- you don't protect your good name, or your privacy, from anyone.

You're simply re-phrasing same thing that I said, just less harshly.

No, I am not. You want to wage a "fight against the police and justice institutions" (to quote your earlier post) and I want to protect my privacy, regardless of who is threatening it.

If a criminal can force you to put your finger on the sensor, he can also force you to tell him your pass-phrase.

Incorrect. Dead and unconscious people still have fingerprints but they can't tell you PINs and passcodes.

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