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Since we launched Chrome OS in 2009, our goal has been to build the simplest, fastest, and most secure operating system possible. And we've been inspired by all the ways we've seen businesses embrace Chrome, from Chromebooks in the office, to shared Chrome devices in the field, to signage and kiosks for customer engagement in retail. But with so many different business needs - not to mention so many different devices - companies have also told us they want a single, cost-effective solution that gives them the flexibility and control to keep their employees connected. That's why today we're announcing Chrome Enterprise.

Chrome Enterprise offers a host of features, including access to enterprise app storefronts,  deep security controls, 24/7 support, as well as integration with cloud and on-premise management tools, VMware Workspace ONE and Microsoft Active Directory.

Chrome OS keeps marching on.

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RE: What's the point of chrome os
by emphyrio on Wed 23rd Aug 2017 11:02 UTC in reply to "What's the point of chrome os"
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Other than a traditional dumb terminal role like a kiosk, data entry, POS terminal or something, why would you use chrome.

It's a dumb terminal with a web browser. Some of us actually need things like compilers, and run real applications. Some of us also like to play games.

90% of my time is spent between eclipse, emacs, papers. My home machine plays a lot of call of duty, A dumb terminal is not going to cut it.

Clearly, chromeos is not for you. I imagine, however, that if you are going to do tech support for a few thousands of users whose only use for a computer is email and office, chromeos or similarly managed systems are going to sound mighty attractive (as the OS on those users' devices). In that case, even the no-games aspect becomes an advantage.

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