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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Purism, maker of Linux laptops with Coreboot, have started started a crowdfunding campaign for their smartphone. Now, I rarely - if ever - link to crowdfunding campaigns (for obvious reasons), but I feel this one might just be quite, quite desirable for many OSNews readers.

Librem 5, the phone that focuses on security by design and privacy protection by default. Running Free/Libre and Open Source software and a GNU+Linux Operating System designed to create an open development utopia, rather than the walled gardens from all other phone providers.

A fully standards-based freedom-oriented system, based on Debian and many other upstream projects, has never been done before - we will be the first to seriously attempt this.

The Librem 5 phone will be the world's first ever IP-native mobile handset, using end-to-end encrypted decentralized communication.

It'll have hardware killswitches for the camera, microphone, WiFi, and the baseband. I wish the team a lot of luck - they'll need it, because making a phone is hard.

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Comment by kurkosdr
by kurkosdr on Fri 25th Aug 2017 10:56 UTC
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Besides the kill switches (a feature for paranoids, especially if planning to run a FOSS operating system), you can get the same thing as this Librem 5 by running Ubuntu Touch on a Nexus 4 or Nexus 5, or whatever FOSS-only subset of Ubuntu Touch you want.

In both cases (Librem and Ubuntu Touch), app support will be poor and driver support for things like GPU, H.264 hardware decoding and GPS will be non-existent or really poor without proprietary drivers.

With the difference of course that the Nexus 4 and Nexus 5 are products you can actually buy on eBay and Amazon and have them delivered to your house in a matter of days.

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