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Samsung has finally unveiled the Galaxy Note8, revealing the (rather heavily-leaked) device at its Unpacked event in New York City today. You won't be surprised to know that it comes with little in the way of surprises. It's basically a bigger Galaxy S8+ with a stylus and dual cameras.

The Note8 is something of a chance for Samsung to make things up to fans of the Note series, after the Note7 was forced off shelves because of defective batteries that led to the smartphone catching fire. Knowing that Note fans were deprived of a generation of hardware, Samsung is likely eager to capitalize on the eagerness of said fanatics to finally upgrade.

I'm not the target market for a Note, but you have to admit - these recent Samsung flagships are a far, far cry from the ugly, plasticky crap they used to make. There's no accounting for tastes - or practicality - but this Note 8 is a beautiful piece of engineering.

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this is plain ugly
by feamatar on Fri 25th Aug 2017 15:27 UTC
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I have a Note 3, and there is nothing that could convince me to replace it.

Aside from a few issues that appeared over the years, it still has good performance and good battery life.

The Note 3 is ugly, the fake leather and the fake metal frame were disgusting, but this new bezelless frame is not a step forward, and the backplate is just so-so.

The face of the Note 3 with the backplate of the Omnia II would be the ideal phone to me.

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