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The NYPD has to scrap the 36,000 smartphones it gave cops over the past two years because they're already obsolete and can't be upgraded, The Post has learned.

The city bought Microsoft-based Nokia smartphones as part of a $160 million NYPD Mobility Initiative that Mayor Bill de Blasio touted as "a huge step into the 21st century".

In 2014. They bought these in 2014.

In 2014.

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RE: Comment by sj87
by Adurbe on Thu 31st Aug 2017 15:00 UTC in reply to "Comment by sj87"
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Not really, the scheme actually worked very well for them. Read their actual statement below;

"Our smartphone initiative is 45% under budget. Based on current rate of spending, we expect to stretch what was initially budgeted at two years of spending to more than four years.

The smartphones have made our cops smarter, faster, and more agile in their response to 911 calls, with response times down more than 8 percent. Whether it’s the parent whose child has gone missing, the driver who needs a copy of an accident report, or a domestic violence victim whose life may be saved by a faster emergency response, the smartphone program has made the NYPD, already New York’s Finest, even finer."

You show me an government IT rollout of similar size that was that much UNDERbudget AND delivered an 8% improvement in performance.

I know its popular to bash MS, but this scheme was an unmitigated success.

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