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The hardening of Android's userspace has increasingly made the underlying Linux kernel a more attractive target to attackers. As a result, more than a third of Android security bugs were found in the kernel last year. In Android 8.0 (Oreo), significant effort has gone into hardening the kernel to reduce the number and impact of security bugs.

Android Nougat worked to protect the kernel by isolating it from userspace processes with the addition of SELinux ioctl filtering and requiring seccomp-bpf support, which allows apps to filter access to available system calls when processing untrusted input. Android 8.0 focuses on kernel self-protection with four security-hardening features backported from upstream Linux to all Android kernels supported in devices that first ship with this release.

Is it common to have to backport security features of newer Linux versions to older ones? Or is this just a peculiarity of Android's Linux kernel being so far behind the times?

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...and people can downvote me if they want, but shooting the messenger won't help.

People who say "Android is not Linux" have a specific meaning in mind for "Linux" and forcing them to redefine "Linux" to your definition won't magically change the message they're trying to communicate... it'll just annoy them and, if successful, force them to find another word that communicates what they've always intended. (Perhaps "Non-Android Linux", if they're feeling spiteful.)

Here's another example of that same principle of human behaviour:

With so many people with extreme views trying to hijack the "feminist" label, more and more people are calling themselves by other names like "egalitarian". Their position hasn't changed... they just decided that calling themselves "feminist" was a mistake now and possibly all along.

That's why it makes these extreme feminists so mad to learn of this shift in how people identify. Extreme beliefs tend to come from people who like to think in black and white and prefer simple solutions. Seeing people start to shift their identification away from the community you're trying to hijack via a redefinition in terms is proof that your magic "simple solution for a complex problem" isn't working.

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