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0.4.6 is a major step towards real hardware support. Several dual boot issues have been fixed and now partitions are managed in a safer way avoiding corruption of the partition list structures. ReactOS Loader can now load custom kernels and HALs.

Printing Subsystem is still greenish in 0.4.6, however Colin Finck has implemented a huge number of new APIs and fixed some of the bugs reported and detected by the ReactOS automated tests.

Regarding drivers, Pierre Schweitzer has added an NFS driver and started implementing RDBSS and RXCE, needed to enable SMB support in the future, Sylvain Petreolle has imported a Digital TV tuning device driver and the UDFS driver has been re-enabled in 0.4.6 after fixing several deadlocks and issues which was making it previously unusable. Critical bugs and leakages in CDFS, SCSI and HDAUDBUS have been also fixed.

That's some solid progress.

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RE: Good progress
by yerverluvinunclebert on Sun 3rd Sep 2017 20:58 UTC in reply to "Good progress"
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Haiku and ReactOS are in fact both making good progress but there is no comparison. Haiku is simply the easier o/s to build. The two should not be brought up to compare.

ReactOS is a Windows binary-compatible multi-user, networked, secure kernel with a complex graphical GUI o/s aiming to replicate undocumented Windows functionality that has a rich set of APIs and behaviours that permit it to support both the workstation and server roles. Haiku is a smaller, simpler design for personal workstation use.

If Haiku does something differently no-one really knows nor cares. It can do what it wants, no-one will scream if it does one thing or another. ReactOS has a previously undocumented design and ten million potential test/use cases that it needs to pass in order to be deemed compatible with Windows. Everyone 'knows' how Windows seems to work and so ReactOS has a surfeit of judges.


Haiku is doing very well. ReactOS is doing well. Cadbury's chocolate tastes nice. These statements have little relation to each other, please don't cloud the discussion with your partisan tendencies.

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