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0.4.6 is a major step towards real hardware support. Several dual boot issues have been fixed and now partitions are managed in a safer way avoiding corruption of the partition list structures. ReactOS Loader can now load custom kernels and HALs.

Printing Subsystem is still greenish in 0.4.6, however Colin Finck has implemented a huge number of new APIs and fixed some of the bugs reported and detected by the ReactOS automated tests.

Regarding drivers, Pierre Schweitzer has added an NFS driver and started implementing RDBSS and RXCE, needed to enable SMB support in the future, Sylvain Petreolle has imported a Digital TV tuning device driver and the UDFS driver has been re-enabled in 0.4.6 after fixing several deadlocks and issues which was making it previously unusable. Critical bugs and leakages in CDFS, SCSI and HDAUDBUS have been also fixed.

That's some solid progress.

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RE[6]: Good progress
by yahya on Wed 6th Sep 2017 06:39 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: Good progress"
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Linux is OK for some uses. If you are saying you can't think of a use case for ReactOS then please just say so and then we can start to educate you.

Linux is not only ok for "some" uses, but for a very very large number, servers, desktop computers, embedded devices, smartphones etc.

I am not saying that there are zero use cases for ReactOS. I just think the number is vanishingly small by comparison, all I have heard so far is that you can (potentially) install drivers for legacy hardware. That's a pretty limited use in my view, because I can do the same on Linux, while at the same time not being barred from running current software, which I am in many cases with a clone of XP/Win2003.

And with running Windows software in general, I have a far better experience with Wine. ReactOS just fails at evey step of the way.

Again, if the devs are having fun coding, that's great, more power to them. Just the idea that this will ever get to the point where it can replace windows is a pipedream.

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