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Ars has a very detailed review - more of an in-depth deconstruction, to be honest, and that's a good thing - of Android 8.0 Oreo.

Take a closer look at Oreo and you really can see the focus on fundamentals. Google is revamping the notification system with a new layout, new controls, and a new color scheme. It's taking responsibility for Android security with a Google-branded security solution. App background processing has been reined in, hopefully providing better battery life and more consistent performance. There's even been some work done on Android's perpetual update problem, with Project Treble allowing for easier update development and streaming updates allowing for easier installation by users. And, as with every release, more parts of Android get more modularized, with emojis and GPU driver updates now available without an OS update.

Saving this one for tomorrow.

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RE[3]: Great...
by jbauer on Wed 6th Sep 2017 08:22 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Great..."
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Android manufacturers appear to view product abandonment as a means of driving sales of new devices: If you want the new features and security fixes of the current version of Android, then buy our new smartphone.

I doubt most people know or care. OEMs don't support their phones properly because it's far easier and cheaper than doing so.

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