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Apple held its iPhone event today, but since the three major leaks got everything right - read our previous items on the leaks to get the full details - there's really not much to add here, other than the pricing for the new iPhones. The 'regular' iPhone 8 will be about €50 more expensive this year, so take that into account when planning your upgrade. The iPhone X (pronounced "ten" by Apple, "ex" by people with good taste), however, carries a very hefty pricetag, especially in Europe and the UK - the base 64GB model is $999 in the US, and a staggering €1159 in Europe (and an equally staggering £999 in the UK).

I think it's definitely a nice looking phone, and can certainly hold its own against other small-bezel phones from Samsung, LG, and others (especially others), but especially outside of the US, that's one hell of a price tag. Going over the magic €1000 mark feels like crossing a psychological threshold from high-end brand new smartphone territory into high-end brand new laptop territory, and that's a tough pill to swallow.

The additional problem here is that the iPhone 8 simply looks outdated compared to all the minimal bezel phones of this year, and certainly so next to the iPhone X in stores for the iOS users among us. I'm up for contract renewal, and since I'm the kind of person to switch platforms about once a year, I was definitely interested in switching to iOS again by buying the iPhone X. However, that €1159 price tag is way, way beyond the outer limit of my comfort zone.

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by darknexus on Tue 12th Sep 2017 19:41 UTC
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I think this is the most bored I've ever been when watching an Apple event. Okay, the new watch gets stand-alone cellular (finally, though who knows what the data plan gouges are going to be), Apple TV gets even more HD (we knew that already), and the iPhone 8 is a further iteration on a design that has been mostly static since the first one. The iPhone X... hmm, I'm not sure. If the best they can really do with facial tracking is smiling cats, not so much. Don't get me wrong, I like cats, but I would have expected something better than this. Face ID looks somewhat interesting but only time will really tell how well it does or does not work, and what accessibility implications it may or may not have for those with disfigurements, etc. It is interesting that Apple chose to support the industry-standard QI for inductive charging; I refuse to call it wireless charging because there is still the same amount of wires involved and moving the wire does not wireless make. If and when Apple releases their AirPower charging mat, with the ability to charge more than one device at a time, then I'll call it wireless in the same way that wi-fi is wireless.
And with my constant use of the word "wire", my last point. Tim, buddy, you really need a good thesaurus. The Tim Cook drinking word this year was "magical."

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