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If you value the security of your data - your email, social media accounts, family photos, the history of every place you've ever been with your phone - then I recommend against using biometric identification.

Instead, use a passcode to unlock your phone.

Can't argue with that - especially in place where law enforcement often takes a... Liberal approach to detainees.

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article flawed
by kristoph on Thu 14th Sep 2017 05:05 UTC
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The article lacks a distinction between active biometric security and passive biometric security.

A passive solution - including Touch ID - is reasonably easy to defeat. You can simply be held down and your finger used to unlock a device.

An active solution - such as Face ID - is more difficult to defeat because you need to actually have your eyes open and be looking at the device. You could be tricked into doing so, certainly, but it would be challenging ( and comical ).

Of course, anyone could use violence against you to force you to do this but that would work just as well in obtaining a password.

( Note that, like the author of the article, I have not used Face ID, so who knows if it's capable of detecting your face and attention effectively. )

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