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If you value the security of your data - your email, social media accounts, family photos, the history of every place you've ever been with your phone - then I recommend against using biometric identification.

Instead, use a passcode to unlock your phone.

Can't argue with that - especially in place where law enforcement often takes a... Liberal approach to detainees.

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RE: Well ...
by Bill Shooter of Bul on Thu 14th Sep 2017 16:52 UTC in reply to "Well ..."
Bill Shooter of Bul
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Ironically the ones who are usually the most paraniod have no reason to, and those that are not paranoid should be.

There is a smaller subset of criminal masterminds or political dissidents that do have good reason to be paranoid and are. To them, good luck. When nation states are after you, you've got a lot of difficult expensive problems to solve.

But for me yeah, I'm paranoid, but then I get compromised anyways because the stupid credit bureau security sucks. :| no practical defense against those kind of screw ups as an individual. But I feel better knowing that if there is a screw up, its not my fault.

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