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The world has become like an eerily banal dystopian novel. Things look the same on the surface, but they are not. With no apparent boundaries on how algorithms can use and abuse the data that's being collected about us, the potential for it to control our lives is ever-growing.

Our drivers' licenses, our keys, our debit and credit cards are all important parts of our lives. Even our social media accounts could soon become crucial components of being fully functional members of society. Now that we live in this world, we must figure out how to maintain our connection with society without surrendering to automated processes that we can neither see nor control.

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Social Media is one big
by shotsman on Thu 14th Sep 2017 18:31 UTC
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experiment in Social Engineering. It is being used to elicit extreme responses to often trivial things.
I for one, will never sign up to any social media site. I frankly have better things to do with my life. I know from firsthand experience what bullying can do to people. It is often not nice and sometimes fatal. Do we really want a society there people are urged to kill themselves via social media posts?
You choose.

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