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Today, we are thrilled to unveil the next step in our journey for Windows Server graphical management experiences. In less than two weeks at Microsoft Ignite, we will launch the Technical Preview release of Project "Honolulu", a flexible, locally-deployed, browser-based management platform and tools.

Project "Honolulu" is the culmination of significant customer feedback, which has directly shaped product direction and investments. With support for both hybrid and traditional disconnected server environments, Project "Honolulu" provides a quick and easy solution for common IT admin tasks with a lightweight deployment.

I've never managed any servers, so it's difficult for me to gauge how useful of popular tools like these are. What is the usual way people manage their servers?

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Server Management
by Undomiel on Fri 15th Sep 2017 06:10 UTC
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A lot of it depends upon the number of servers in the environment and the familiarity of the staff with various tools. I tend to go to the cli for a lot of items, especially with the ease that PowerShell brings to management, but sometimes there are things that are just plain easier to get done with a GUI. Which would be just about anything involving SharePoint, as I'm convinced that the PowerShell cmdlets were designed for programmers rather than for administrators. If you compare it to Exchange or Lync/Skype management it is a completely different style.

But there are definitely some admins and engineers I work with who would rather lose an arm than lose their GUI. Which fortunately means they give a wide berth to the Linux servers I stand up.

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