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Today, we are thrilled to unveil the next step in our journey for Windows Server graphical management experiences. In less than two weeks at Microsoft Ignite, we will launch the Technical Preview release of Project "Honolulu", a flexible, locally-deployed, browser-based management platform and tools.

Project "Honolulu" is the culmination of significant customer feedback, which has directly shaped product direction and investments. With support for both hybrid and traditional disconnected server environments, Project "Honolulu" provides a quick and easy solution for common IT admin tasks with a lightweight deployment.

I've never managed any servers, so it's difficult for me to gauge how useful of popular tools like these are. What is the usual way people manage their servers?

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RE[4]: Comment by FlyingJester
by darknexus on Mon 18th Sep 2017 13:17 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Comment by FlyingJester"
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It's troubleshooting the Microsoft Way (TM) when it doesn't work that I hate. Not many things more annoying than seeing something fail with an obscure error code that's not even documented in Microsoft's own reference material. That an PowerShell being the most overly verbose interactive CLI I've ever dealt with, and that includes OpenVMS and Juniper SRX. Recently things have gotten even more frustrating as Microsoft attempts a half-assed move of their admin tools to the Server Manager (a bloated modern-UI mess), which has made server management kind of like managing a Windows 10 desktop: an inconsistent half-assed jumble with conflicting documentation and uninformative diagnostic messages. I actually liked the Microsoft admin tools the way they were even though they were somewhat limited, as compared to what the situation is now. And, with this new project, they propose to change to something completely different yet again, not that a web-based system wouldn't be an improvement at this point.

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