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The "Bionic" part in the name of Apple's A11 Bionic chip isn't just marketing speak. It's the most powerful processor ever put in a mobile phone. We've put this chip to the test in both synthetic benchmarks and some real-world speed trials, and it obliterates every Android phone we tested.

As far as SoCs go, Apple is incredibly far ahead of Qualcomm and Samsung. These companies have some serious soul-searching to do.

I can't wait for AnandTech to dive into the A11 Bionic, so we can get some more details than just people comparing GeekBench scores.

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RE: Healthy dose of skepticism
by leech on Sun 24th Sep 2017 17:10 UTC in reply to "Healthy dose of skepticism"
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There is none. So... They can inevitably say 'fastest iPhone ever' and it'll be true. No one can actually say 'fastest phone ever' and have it be true because the operating system is a huge chunk of how fast a phone is. If you could install Android on an iPhone or iOS on an Android phone, then run the benchmarks to see which is faster it'd work. But since you can't really do that...

Only phone benchmarks that probably matter would be ones where they see how many applications are instant to load (which from what I saw the Note 8 trounces everything because (surprise!) it has 6GB of RAM. The only other one I could see is how well a phone captures video, or edits, or you know.. ACTUAL application usage. And even then they should state 'iPhone # w/iOS ## is faster/slower than 'Android model Whatever using Android delicious desert name.'

By the way, I've NEVER seen a video that compares such things.

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