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Consistency is Apple's main motivation given for switching the results from Microsoft's Bing to Google in these cases. Safari on Mac and iOS already currently use Google search as the default provider, thanks to a deal worth billions to Apple (and Google) over the last decade. This change will now mirror those results when Siri, the iOS Search bar or Spotlight is used.

"Switching to Google as the web search provider for Siri, Search within iOS and Spotlight on Mac will allow these services to have a consistent web search experience with the default in Safari," reads an Apple statement sent this morning. "We have strong relationships with Google and Microsoft and remain committed to delivering the best user experience possible."

Interesting move. The only logical move, of course - Bing is terrible - but still interesting if you look at the relationship between Apple and Google.

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RE: Comment by raom
by Megol on Wed 27th Sep 2017 09:55 UTC in reply to "Comment by raom"
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Unless you're doing illegal shit, you shouldn't care whether a search engine tracks you or not. Google is not going to divulge your embarassing pr0n searches.

Maybe not but some of us don't like being targeted and tracked. Some other realized the dangers it opens up to - oppressive regimes would love to get dirt on everyone, hackers don't need governmental support to use private information to ruin lives.

In most cases this tracking doesn't give us users any advantage. In theory it can improve what the search engine (or other services using tracking) presents for a certain search. In practice the effect is minimal or even in the noise - there have been research about this so not just my opinion.

TL;DR it's generally useless, the company needn't divulge anything willingly for it to be dangerous.

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