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The spec sheet, as announced, is still pretty vague, but Atari has confirmed a few notable things, starting with a price point between $250 and $300. In exchange for costing roughly as much as a Nintendo Switch, Xbox One S, or PlayStation 4, the Ataribox will come packed with an "AMD customized processor with Radeon graphics technology." Additionally, this will not be an Android system. Instead, the Ataribox will run Linux "with a customized, easy-to-use user interface."

Open, hackable Linux-based consoles don't exactly have a great track record, so colour me skeptical.

Wouldn't be the first time my skepticism turns out to be spot-on. I don't think the Ataribox is the next Commodore USA, but I'm afraid its fate will be the same, regardless.

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They're also nowhere near $250-$300. If they were, they would've been DOA. I'm not sure what you consider selling well but those Flashbacks are a cheap (and cheaply produced) novelty item with the most popular one selling 800k and some change.

There's no question that at one time Atari was on top. But, Nintendo took it to the next level. They had a much bigger impact on home gaming, had/has wildly popular game franchises/IP, sold far more units total, etc. You could buy the wildly popular NES & SNES Classic's and still be around half the cost of an Ataribox.

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