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The spec sheet, as announced, is still pretty vague, but Atari has confirmed a few notable things, starting with a price point between $250 and $300. In exchange for costing roughly as much as a Nintendo Switch, Xbox One S, or PlayStation 4, the Ataribox will come packed with an "AMD customized processor with Radeon graphics technology." Additionally, this will not be an Android system. Instead, the Ataribox will run Linux "with a customized, easy-to-use user interface."

Open, hackable Linux-based consoles don't exactly have a great track record, so colour me skeptical.

Wouldn't be the first time my skepticism turns out to be spot-on. I don't think the Ataribox is the next Commodore USA, but I'm afraid its fate will be the same, regardless.

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RE[2]: Early days
by leech on Sat 30th Sep 2017 00:30 UTC in reply to "RE: Early days"
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"t certainly has no chance of making a dent in the console market, and if that's their aim, it's very misguided and doomed to fail. Time will tell though.

I think the NES classic might have shown that there is a market for pre-packaged well built machines with simpler games from another era. There is a market for legacy consoles. I think there was a chance of success, if the price was a third of what it is...

But no, If it was supposed to be a rival to xbox/ps, then yeah its doomed doomed doomed.

I look at it this way, it being Linux based (they haven't directly said steam, but they said existing game library..and even if it doesn't come with Steam pre-installed, sounds like it'd be easy to do) it'll have a much larger library right out of the gate than the PS4/Xbox One combined. Now granted most people probably are wanting the billion Call of Duty games, but for what the Atari name goes for (old people and early game systems and computers) they probably really like the huge library of retro/indie games.

Think of how popular the pixel art 'retro' games have become? So this has a semi-decent chance of being successful IF (big if) that Feargal Mac dude doesn't try to scam everyone.

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