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BSD and Darwin derivatives A batch of BSD news today. Firstly, here are a few impressions on DesktopBSD 1.0 RC3. "DesktopBSD is a breeze to install. Desktop uses a crisp and clean KDE desktop with an attractive theme with a standard selection of applications." Secondly, DragonFly BSD asks its users to test some drivers for wireless networking. And lastly, also concerning DragonFly BSD: "Recently spent some time getting the Mach lite kernel up and running for research on the idea can the system be made to run in production."
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by prokoudine on Sat 26th Nov 2005 16:25 UTC
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I fail to understand what is the reason of all that "desktop" reviews.

What would I learn from those screenshots? That there is KDE and it has a nice theme? That there is a package manager? Who cares? I'd like to see screenshots that prove that I can do anything with this DesktopBSD: retouch photos, author DVD, create music etc. Instead all I see is some silly Konqueror window.

C'mon guys, get serious

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