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Email is such a pain in the butt. We've been doing everything in our power to fight the influence it has on our lives, to minimize the spam, the marketing, the burden. That burden leads lots of folks to fruitlessly hunt for the perfect email client like I hunt for the perfect word processor. Others have followed the path of least resistance: Either Gmail or Outlook. But there was a time when we didn't feel this way, when getting email was actually exciting. The email client Eudora, named for Eudora Welty, was designed to capture this excitement - the idea that mailboxes were no longer tethered to physical space. But even as the die-hards held on, it couldn't. Tonight's Tedium ponders the demise of Eudora, and whether we lost something great.

I don't have a lot of experience with Eudora personally, but I know it had quite the enthusiastic and fervent fanbase back then.

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RE: The death of the mail client
by darknexus on Thu 5th Oct 2017 16:16 UTC in reply to "The death of the mail client"
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Not quite true. You're over my age by three years ;) . And unfortunately, many people do use an email client particularly in work settings, that horrible thing called... Outlook. And unfortunately, you have to use the client because Outlook's web interface (assuming your Exchange admin runs an OWA)is so god awful that I wouldn't inflict it on my worst enemy.
Disclaimer: I'm an Exchange admin and, if you think Outlook is bad, try fixing Exchange on the server side. If I had my way we'd move to a standard IMAP setup, but that is a choice I can't make... yet.

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