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This update, 2.1.2 alias Kiiminkijoki, fixes dozens of bugs reported by our community and adds many improvements. It makes the new Dropbox service interface available and improves some security features. 2.1.2 also contains the basic support for Sony Xperia X devices for development purposes (available for a limited user group only).

This might be the first release I've seen which contains a feature or fix that isn't coming to the original Jolla Phone - namely, the updated Android support. The original Jolla Phone was released in December 2014, so that's not a hugely terrible run.

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RE: *sigh*
by kurkosdr on Fri 13th Oct 2017 08:39 UTC in reply to "*sigh*"
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Qualcomm and Tegra driver support being the usual awful Qualcomm and Tegra support (MediaTek doesn't even know what the word means so I won't even mention them)

The only Nexus device to get 3 years of upgrades so far is the Nexus Player because it has an Intel chip.

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