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BeOS & Derivatives

With all the infrastructure changes and improvements, paired with the bug fixes in our master Haiku branch, we are slowly and steadily moving towards the R1 Beta 1 release which will live in its own R1(!) branch.

R1 Beta 1 installations should slowly roll towards the final R1 release via package updates. R1 Beta 1 is going to be a big step towards our first stable release.

The exact dates are still not solid. I know we have been saying "soon" for quite a while... But soon.


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RE[7]: Meh
by henderson101 on Mon 16th Oct 2017 14:01 UTC in reply to "RE[6]: Meh"
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It was something like this:

JLG thought it was a done deal. But, Next was more mature, had a richer API and was more polished in general, and had Jobs. JLG infamously asked for a big price, playing from what he thought was a strong hand. But, Apple was always playing the field and saw Jobs/Next as a better prospect. BeOS was a very immature OS. Yeah, it had a lot of good stuff, but as much of the code under the hood was kind of half baked. Remember, this was well before R5.0, and even at that point it was rough in some places (networking, printer support, USB, drivers in general.) In fact, if you look at the time lines, the Apple purchase would have been some time around DR7 and PR1, the latter being closer to R5, but a *long* way off as polished as the OS was before Be Inc folded. If Apple were looking at DR7/DR8, I can imagine that $300M, was a bit of a joke.

I don't think many of you guys will have used DR8, but it was a very different beast. It has the old flawed file system, Tracker (then called "Browser") was pretty different, and the OS felt quite different. I managed to find this if anyone wants to take a look at what it was like:

If you look at page 19, you can see just how different the actual Browser UI was -- drives were in windows, not on the desktop, there was a Doc like tray under the Be Menu, the trash was part of the menu structure, windows could do the window shade thing that MacOS windows could use to minimise - it look a bit like the way windows minimise in Windows 3.x.

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