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BeOS & Derivatives

With all the infrastructure changes and improvements, paired with the bug fixes in our master Haiku branch, we are slowly and steadily moving towards the R1 Beta 1 release which will live in its own R1(!) branch.

R1 Beta 1 installations should slowly roll towards the final R1 release via package updates. R1 Beta 1 is going to be a big step towards our first stable release.

The exact dates are still not solid. I know we have been saying "soon" for quite a while... But soon.


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RE: Does Heiku have an "App Store"?
by tidux on Mon 16th Oct 2017 20:58 UTC in reply to "Does Heiku have an "App Store"?"
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Haiku has a package manager, complete with a GUI. There was many years ago that distributed BeOS style zip files rather than a defined format package, but the admin/owner threw a tantrum about not liking package management and shut the site down. I suspect the real reason was he felt threatened by the package management infrastructure.

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