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Overall, the Fall Creators Update is a nice set of improvements to Windows. Windows 10 continues to get better with each update. Its grab-bag nature continues to underscore just how Windows development has changed. As the Fluent work makes clear, Windows today is in some sense never finished. That's not something to be scared of; any piece of actively maintained, supported, updated software is in a sense "not finished."

With the new approach to developing and delivering Windows, that "unfinished" nature is more overt than it used to be. I'm sure some of the semi-annual Windows updates will feel larger in scope than others, depending on how the development work is going; others will feel a bit smaller. Because so much of the ground work was laid in the Creators Update, albeit hidden from view, this feels like a smaller update.

It's a list of relatively small and disjointed features, but I still really like this update. Especially the Fluent Design changes to applications are very welcome, and make Metro applications feel less... Dead? Less cold? They have more warmth now, which is definitely something missing from pre-Fluent Metro and current iOS UI design (not so much from Material Design, which is rife with colour and depth). The very, very subtle blur effect, the 'highlight' when hovering over buttons and menus, and the odd animation here and there really address the concerns of people who feel Metro takes the "flat" design trend too far to the extreme.

As a sidenote, "flat" really is a terrible term, since none of these UI design styles are really flat. Fluent, Material Design, and whatever iOS has are actually anything but flat, and have far more Z-depth than anything that came before - but I digress.

The emoji picker is really nice, but it baffles me why it's emoji-only; as someone with a deep, deep hatred for special character input on Windows, it baffles me that it doesn't include special characters. The new GPU panel in Task Manager is also very nice, and it feels like Edge is less flakey, too.

All in all, a nice free update.

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Until Microsoft gets rid of Metro...
by Sabon on Fri 20th Oct 2017 16:05 UTC
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Microsoft just needs to do what they did with Windows phones and deep six Metro. I can’t think of anything worse that was created for any desktop OS in the last 15 years other than the whole fiasco known as Vista, or maybe ME. Going back further I would have to add Windows 1 and 2 which I actually might still have copies of as examples of what not to do.

Microsoft needs to decide one way or the other. Either go all in on Metro or go all out on it.

If you don’t know what is wrong with Metro as a second Windows interface inside of Windows. How about making doors for your house where you have two totally different kinds of doors to go through the same kind of door ways. Now do you understand how student this is?

When you type in mail or Outlook in a computer and you have Office 365 installed. WHY is it trying to bring up a Metro version of Mail instead of Outlook.

Microsoft ... idiots. Look in a thesaurus. The words will reference each other.

PS: I know and use and support multiple types of computers and OSs every day. That is my day job where I make my money. I know computers and OSs. So I know what I’m talking about. Apple has some pretty dumb things too. But maybe a 7 out of 10 where Metro is a 19 out of 10.

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