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The old PC-MOS was released under the GNU GPL this Summer. From Wikipedia:

PC-MOS/386 was a multi-user, computer multitasking operating system produced by The Software Link (TSL), announced at COMDEX in November 1986 for February 1987 release.[1] PC-MOS/386, a successor to PC-MOS, can run many MS-DOS software titles on the host machine or a terminal connected to it. Unlike MS-DOS, PC-MOS/386 is optimized for the Intel 80386 processor; however early versions will run on any x86 computer.

The GitHub project includes a 1.44MB disk image for the latest version that will work under VirtualBox, but does not include older versions of the operating system from before it required an 80386+. The system won't work properly if you set a modern date at the boot up prompt.

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RE[2]: PC-MOS 386 vs FreeDOS
by ameasures on Mon 23rd Oct 2017 09:25 UTC in reply to "RE: PC-MOS 386 vs FreeDOS"
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How do You cope without networking (or, rather, how does one get networked in DOS these days, serial port to a Raspberry Pi? ), LNGFLNMS.DOC or multitasking?

There were plenty of ethernet cards (e.g. 3COM509B) in those days. A bit alien to modern eyes but serviceable at 10 megabit.

My 80486 multitasks with OpenBSD tho' the 80386 is no longer supported.

Of course, it is all KIPS rather than MIPS. Do I use it in anger, ummm no, but it is a lot younger than the Morris Minor that we do use regularly.

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