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The old PC-MOS was released under the GNU GPL this Summer. From Wikipedia:

PC-MOS/386 was a multi-user, computer multitasking operating system produced by The Software Link (TSL), announced at COMDEX in November 1986 for February 1987 release.[1] PC-MOS/386, a successor to PC-MOS, can run many MS-DOS software titles on the host machine or a terminal connected to it. Unlike MS-DOS, PC-MOS/386 is optimized for the Intel 80386 processor; however early versions will run on any x86 computer.

The GitHub project includes a 1.44MB disk image for the latest version that will work under VirtualBox, but does not include older versions of the operating system from before it required an 80386+. The system won't work properly if you set a modern date at the boot up prompt.

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RE[4]: PC-MOS 386 vs FreeDOS
by ameasures on Mon 23rd Oct 2017 21:23 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: PC-MOS 386 vs FreeDOS"
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Why bother with 10MBit? I've got a 133MHz retro-gaming PC which dual-boots DOS622/Win311 and Win98SE and it's got packet drivers for a 100MBit PCI NIC.

Lucky you. The key phrase being "PCI" which was quite a late arrival on motherboards and miraculously solved the irritation of configuring ISA cards to avoid conflicts, whilst also offering far higher data rates.

There weren't so many 100MBit network cards on the ISA buss or even VL-ISA busses. I don't recall any.

Added to which those machines didn't pump data fast enough to worry about such distinctions too much.

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