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The old PC-MOS was released under the GNU GPL this Summer. From Wikipedia:

PC-MOS/386 was a multi-user, computer multitasking operating system produced by The Software Link (TSL), announced at COMDEX in November 1986 for February 1987 release.[1] PC-MOS/386, a successor to PC-MOS, can run many MS-DOS software titles on the host machine or a terminal connected to it. Unlike MS-DOS, PC-MOS/386 is optimized for the Intel 80386 processor; however early versions will run on any x86 computer.

The GitHub project includes a 1.44MB disk image for the latest version that will work under VirtualBox, but does not include older versions of the operating system from before it required an 80386+. The system won't work properly if you set a modern date at the boot up prompt.

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by Dasher42 on Tue 24th Oct 2017 09:47 UTC
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This brings back some memories. I knew people who were doing serious work with PC-MOS. The 386 was brand new, untapped potential for real multitasking, and taking advantage of it with industry standard software was a new frontier.

They literally used disassemblers, repurposed CHASM for the 8086 to make it generate 80386 32-bit code, and at times even used hex editors to make significant performance patches. I watched them do it. It blew my mind that they tracked down code out of a mass of hexadecimal, and I don't know if their work was ever merged with the main code. They were the people that inspired me to want to code to begin with, though, and that's why.

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