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In the summer of 2017, I wanted to know what it would be like to use an iPad Pro as my main computer. I found out that it can actually work, thanks to an iOS app called Blink, an SSH replacement called Mosh, iOS 11 and running stuff on a server.

You could argue the title is a tad bit misleading - there's a lot of thin client DNA in his setup - but it's an interesting look at how to achieve this, nonetheless.

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Does it —really— matter if you are doing this locally?

It depends on the circumstances. Contrary to what some people believe, internet access isn't always available. E.g when I visit a client site, I'm usually not allowed to connect my hardware to their network, so internet access often takes the form of a limited-bandwidth guest wifi, or a mobile-broadband connection which often suffers from weak signal when deep inside some sprawling office building.

So yes, in such circumstances, it does matter whether you can work locally - with everything running on my laptop, I can work fairly well anywhere. But with everything running remotely, reliant on continuous internet access, not so much.

And that's not an artificial example, by the way... that's something that happens pretty much every time I have to spend time at a client site. Internet access isn't something that can be taken for granted.

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