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In the summer of 2017, I wanted to know what it would be like to use an iPad Pro as my main computer. I found out that it can actually work, thanks to an iOS app called Blink, an SSH replacement called Mosh, iOS 11 and running stuff on a server.

You could argue the title is a tad bit misleading - there's a lot of thin client DNA in his setup - but it's an interesting look at how to achieve this, nonetheless.

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I was only meeting the requirements of what I quoted from you, and that point stands. :-) Though I should have mentioned, there is a version of that Asus laptop with solid state storage, that would alleviate any noise issue. I will say too, having owned a convertible laptop with a spinning hard drive, it's not as loud as you would think. It's noticeable in a completely silent room, but the unit I owned had the drive set to a "quiet mode" that only spun up when it needed uncached data, or was writing a ton of data to storage. Cloud computing situations would mean that drive stays quiet most of the time.

As for the article itself, yes there are laptops that meet all of the author's requirements including LTE support, and they can be as expensive as US$700 or more. Still, that's a few hundred less than an iPad Pro, and that's before buying the required keyboard for the iPad.

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