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Earlier this year I went to an event in Austin, Texas, billed as a sneak preview of the evolution of our species. The #Bdyhax Conference, which took place in a downtown exhibition complex, promised a front-row insight into the coming "singularity" - that nirvana foretold by science fiction in which biology and technology would fuse and revolutionise human capability and experience.

The headline acts of the conference were mostly bodyhackers - DIY experimenters who, in their basements and garages, seek to enhance their own flesh and blood with biometric implants and cognitive enablers. These brave pioneers were extending their senses, overcoming physical limitation, Dan-Daring themselves and the rest of us into the future.

This will only get more advanced as the years go by. For now, actual technological augmentations and implants are mostly reserved for people who actually need them - things like prosthetic legs or a pacemaker - but eventually, we'll start to develop augmentations to enhance the senses or abilities of the human body for people who are otherwise healthy.

Your body, your rules, but scary nonetheless.

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by Dr.Cyber on Tue 31st Oct 2017 16:16 UTC
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"Your body, your rules"? You mean like most computers? Many of those are being spied on and can be controlled by the corporation which we bought it from. Like the bait and switch upgrade Microsoft pulled recently. Off course Microsoft probably also has the power to just force an upgrade without sneaky tactic. Or they could just install ransomware on your computer, or delete your files in the next upgrade. You want a corporation to have that kind of control over your body?

Off course they are going to use this to get more control over us. It will be marketed as the hip new thing by celebrities, and meanwhile all the naive fools will get a backdoor in their body through which Uncle Sam will be able to spy on their every move and perhaps even control them.

"But maybe this can be used to catch terrorists" naive people may state. But the biggest terrorists are in the White House and will be the people using those backdoors to spy on us and control us.

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