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As part of this week's hearings into how Russia has used social media to influence American opinion, House lawmakers released several Facebook and Instagram ads linked to Kremlin meddling online. Although lawmakers have not yet released the full cache of ads, which includes about 3,000 examples provided to Congress by Facebook, the so-far disclosed ads offer one of the closest looks yet at the Russian operation.

Some of these ads and fake accounts are quite fascinating - they're clearly designed not just to promote Trump, but also to rile up different groups - from the LGBT community to proponents of the US 2nd amendment - against each other. Oh, and also to pitch a fight between Clinton and Jesus.

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RE[5]: Why bother?
by slashdev on Mon 6th Nov 2017 17:40 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Why bother?"
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Amongst others. Spin doctors have been there like... always ? Remember how they, through ages, showed down citizens' throat the need for war all around the globe the "defend America's interests" as PR bullshit ?.....

Excellent, Sounds like we are on the same page that russia attacked the US using psy ops during the last election cycle. Thats what is being debated here, and you seem to agree!

No one is saying psy-ops are new, or somehow unique to russia. The current questions are what KINDS of psy-op tactics are being used by russia? who are they targeted at? have they been effective? What damage has been done? can we counteract them?

Glad we cleared that up!

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