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The closure of two major Cydia repositories is arguably the result of a declining interest in jailbreaking, which provides root filesystem access and allows users to modify iOS and install unapproved apps on an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

Out of all the things jailbreaking makes possible, two are big issues for me that I would love Apple to implement: custom launchers (Springboard hasn't been changed since the original iPhone and is woefully outdated and restrictive) and the ability to change default applications. However, neither of these are reason enough to jailbreak iOS for me. I do wonder - do any of you still jailbreak? If so, why?

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RE[3]: Shouldnt need to
by computrius on Wed 29th Nov 2017 15:58 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Shouldnt need to"
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Lets just pretend that I am an unemployed dread lock wearing hippy wearing a Rastafarian hat (I am not, and I am employed. I Guess you don't know as much as you think...). Lets pretend that you are right.

Given I am clearly too stupid to understand, and you have all of this vast wisdom about literally everything: other than the b.s. "to protect the consumers from themselves", give me three good reasons why it is good for me to have my phone or device involuntarily locked to me, the owner of the device.

Hell, not even why it is good for me, give me three reasons why they would want to lock it down at all (other than doing it for the consumer's security).

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