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Ars Technica once again provides us with an in-depth Ubuntu review:

If you've been following the Linux world at all, you know this has been an entire year for spring cleaning. Early in 2017, Canonical stopped work on its homegrown Unity desktop, Mir display server, and its larger vision of 'convergence' - a unified interface for Ubuntu for phones, tablets, and desktops.

And now almost exactly six years after Ubuntu first switched from GNOME 2 to the Unity desktop, that has been dropped, too. The distro is back to GNOME, and Canonical recently released Ubuntu 17.10, a major update with some significant changes coming to the popular Ubuntu Linux operating system.

In light of the GNOME switch, this release seems like more of a homecoming than an entirely new voyage. But that said, Ubuntu 17.10 simultaneously feels very much like the start of a new voyage for Ubuntu.

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I've never been less excited about a Linux release (or maybe Lunux in general) than I have been about Ubuntu 17. I've dislike Gnome in many ways for years and always have. Unity didn't help.

Linus as a server os is pretty much awesome and I love it. But as a desktop, i'm not sure it's ever gonna catch on in anything other than nitch groups. I guess my biggest gripe compared to MacOSX and Windows 7 or now later releases of Windows 10, is that Linux desktops just never feel polished compared to them. Unity was such a foreign and weird UI that I never got used to it AND I could never quite sell students or other business people on it either. Weird mixes of flat and realistic icons, strange uses of flat and bubbled ui.. Linux just looks and feels second class and that disappoints me because I so WANT to use a linux desktop.

Ubuntu is laggy and too foreign for the general populace to adopt. Kubuntu constantly crashes when simply dragging an icon a panel or opening the discover app.. Mint black screen of deaths with every upgrade/update. Fedora.. well fedora is fedora and still Gnome, but uglier.. Elementary is beautiful but hobbled beyond all belief -- I wish someone could do a linux desktop right that just worked with all the devs on the same page.

Who knows.. maybe I'm just venting my frustration and disappointment, but I can't believe I'm the only one.

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