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With me being so down on Android, it's only fair to also offer insight into the other side of the coin - a longtime iPhone user making the switch to the new Pixel 2 XL, and loving it:

This phone is extremely my shit. Google has taken the original Pixel, which was interesting but not enough to tempt me into switching, and made it into something that's near perfect.

In a year where the iPhone X, which Apple touts as the future phone, only has a single interesting feature (Face ID) Google has embraced the opportunity to show a different future with arms wide open. It's the first time I can confidently say an Android device is great coming from the iPhone without constantly saying but there's this one thing.

Different strokes for different folks, but that's why we're all here debating things that are, in the grand scheme of things, irrelevant.

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The original Galaxy S was one of my favourite phones ever, despite some rough edges. The S3 that followed was a complete disappointment and I replaced it right away with a Nexus 4. The Nexus 4 quickly became my favourite phone, until the Pixel 2.

Samsung is crapware on top of crapware which gets between me and my phone...

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