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Reading headlines from the World Internet Conference in China, the casual reader might have come away a little confused. China was opening its doors to the global Internet, some media outlets optimistically declared, while others said Beijing was defending its system of censorship and state control.

And perhaps most confusing of all, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook stood up and celebrated China’s vision of an open Internet.

Say what?

Hardly surprising. This may come as a shock, but with publicly traded companies, you're not the customer; you're the product.

Shareholders are their real customers.

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Soviet style communism (which China emulates) isn't really socialist or marxist either - it's more like state capitalism.

What started off as probably an earnest attempt to introduce Marxism inevitably morphed into something else more Chinese than Western. State capitalism goes right back to the Imperial government.

State capitalism isn't a modern Western invention. Chinese imperial governments have always had their fingers in things like mining, steel production, construction (and the requisite corruption to boot) and foreign trade.

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