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I recently came across a challenge to print a holiday greeting card on a vintage computer, so I decided to make a card on a 1960s IBM 1401 mainframe. The IBM 1401 computer was a low-end business mainframe announced in 1959, and went on to become the most popular computer of the mid-1960s, with more than 10,000 systems in use. The 1401's rental price started at $2500 a month (about $20,000 in current dollars), a low price that made it possible for even a medium-sized business to have a computer for payroll, accounting, inventory, and many other tasks. Although the 1401 was an early all-transistorized computer, these weren't silicon transistors - the 1401 used germanium transistors, the technology before silicon. It used magnetic core memory for storage, holding 16,000 characters.

Some people have access to the coolest stuff.

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RE[3]: Perhaps a "bad" goal
by kwan_e on Wed 13th Dec 2017 11:22 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Perhaps a "bad" goal"
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Few years != Few decades

I'm pretty sure I want the computers running the local power station to not have to upgrade every few decades.

You feel proud?

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