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Back in the 90s, if you had mentioned the names Nintendo and Sega to a kid in America, Japan or Europe, their face would have likely lit up. They'd instantly know what these words represented; the colour and excitement of a game on the TV screen in their front room, and a sense of fun. But if you said these words to a child in Russia, they'd have looked at you blankly. These companies were not present in the region at the time. Say 'Dendy', however, and you'd invoke that same kind of magic.

This was a counterfeit NES console that was released in December 1992 by a Russian technology company called Steepler. It all began when Victor Savyuk, then working at another tech firm called Paragraph, first learnt of 'TV games'; machines that plugged into your TV at home, were controlled with joysticks and let people enjoy video games.

There were no IP protections for games on consoles in Russia at the time, making this entire endeavor possible.

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Poland similar
by zima on Sun 17th Dec 2017 21:27 UTC
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In PL, we had "Pegasus" NES clone in many post Soviet block countries (each seemed to have its own NES clone flavour, but probably most if not all coming from the same manufacturer; and more precisely, those were all Famicom clones - consoles were similar or even identical in apperance to Famicom, cartridges in format compatible with Famicom, not NES).

Similar to Russia, lack of IP protection definately played a role - IIRC, copyright on software was introduced only in 1993 or so; and for some time afterwards, enforcement remained lax (I definetely was able to still buy pirate cassettes for my C64, only after some time legal games have even became available; Amiga games similar, and I think I've never even seen an original one ...and NES clones and counterfeit cartridges are to this day easily available on - our local ~eBay - they even have their own category!)

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