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Window Managers Elive, the Debian based Enlightenment (16.7 and 17) liveCD project has released version 0.1 for download. See the package and features list for more information. A screenshot tour is also available.
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Get over it!
by Morty on Tue 19th Jul 2005 23:31 UTC
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E17 has some amazing eyecandy, but it's basically only a windowmanger with some extra tools. Like pager and launchdock. It's true it has some nice libs, but they are not used for anything except the E tools and it's unlikely they will see any wider adoption. Fact is, the windowmanager are a rather uninteresting piece of the desktop. The constant harping on about how "amazingly" fast the alternative windowmangers are, are just plain nonsens as you still have to use real applications to do anything. And that's the same applications you use without the "amazing" windowmanager. So the only thing you get expect the eyecandy are another set of libries loaded in memory, to what gain exactly. What do you speed demons do with that 1/2-1% of processor power you perhaps get extra each time you move or open a window anyways?

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