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Linux "The Linux community was left stunned when Windows Server software outsold Linux in the server market. Gartner, Inc. recently reported that sales of Windows systems accounted for nearly 37 percent of all server revenue in the last quarter while Linux accounted for 31.7 percent. Windows has a 5+ percent lead over Linux, which should be the cause for celebration at Microsoft. Is this the downfall or, as they say, the beginning of the end of Linux? Most definitely not. Before the folks at Redmond rejoice too much, there are some things they need to consider."
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RE: of course...
by Bit_Rapist on Sun 27th Nov 2005 05:35 UTC in reply to "of course..."
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his is due to the lack of real sysadmins to run a REAL OS like Solaris or FreeBSD or a well thought Linux distribution as Slackware.

There is a lack of sysadmins for *nix and BSD systems ? Thats a shame.

Windows Server is a toy OS when it comes to delivering real services and not small businesses requirements.

i know a few people at my place of work that would argue that one with you all day. Its not a *small business* either, more like a fortune 500 company.

Excuse my zealotry, but a sysadmin job is a REAL programing job, not a windows update & reboot job.

Agreed. I don't know any sys admins, *nix or windows for that matter that do not do serious scripting of the OS and automation that is quite literally *real* programming.

I'd love to see the uptime of these windows servers...

Well where I work we have recieved a 2,3 and 4 year continous uptime award from the uptime institute. Yes that includes the windows servers.

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