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Amiga & AROS

First post of the new year - I hope y'all had a good one - and we're talking Amiga.

In October of 2017 I found a really nice accelerator card on Ebay for my stock Amiga 1000 - the Blizzard Turbo Memory Board. My original thought was I would install it into my 1000 and lose the side-car RAM expansions to regain some valuable desk space. Plus - 8MB? That’s gobs for the work I personally do on my Amigas. It was originally designed for the Amiga 500 or 2000 and additionally gave a modest speed boost of 14 Mhz. From my personal experience, 7 Mhz is plenty for the vast majority of Amiga games and software. However in some rare cases 14, 25 or even 40 Mhz can greatly improve the user experience with some math-intensive games and software. This little board seemed the perfect fit for my 1000’s needs.

I then got to talking to the seller on Ebay who was based in Australia. After a short amount of time I came to learn that he had in his possession an ultra-rare Phoenix board, too. Within a few days, money was exchanged and the Phoenix began its long journey from Australia to Seattle, Washington.

This is one of those stories where you just sit back, grab a warm drink, and just enjoy.

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RE: Ugh
by Anachronda on Tue 2nd Jan 2018 23:14 UTC in reply to "Ugh"
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"The Phoenix board has an RTC with coin battery. Yes! But why - WHY - did companies solder coin batteries into place? So annoying.

This is very annoying. Even today, my outdoor Christmas lights have soldered batteries.. WHY?

Could be worse. Some of those RTCs have the battery buried in the chip packaging. There's no changing batteries on those without a bunch of work with a Dremel tool.

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