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Gnome "I followed the debate about a successor for the C/C++ combination as the primary language for developing the GNOME core desktop platform very closely last month. There has been discussion about a number of options. What I would like to do on this page is give an overview how a probably less well-known language might be a viable compromise as a C/C++ successor. This language is called Eiffel and exists for over a decade. Eiffel takes the principle of Object-Oriented programming to its extremes and, as a consequence, is a very easy to learn language."
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Replace C?
by Celerate on Sun 27th Nov 2005 05:57 UTC
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Am I correct in interpreting that this is supposed to replace C use in the majority of Gnome?

I don't think that's a good idea, C and C++ still have a lot of support and most of the people contributing code to Gnome most likely know C. C is a very common language, it is powerful enough and fast enough for an entire window manager and many of the applications that sit on top. Replacing C doesn't seem wise to me at all, especially since the language is still good and very well supported. C is very mature, and can be compiled for many platforms, as far as I know assembly is the only other programming language that can be compiled for more operating systems and architectures.

I think it would be a much better idea to have two officially supported languages for use with any desktop environment, one being either C or C++, and the other being somthing simple. Other programming languages can be used through contributed bindings.

Just my $0.02, no doubt not everyone will agree.

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