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Microsoft is making a bigger push to keep students and teachers using Windows this week. At the annual Bett education show in London, Microsoft is revealing new Windows 10 and Windows 10 S devices that are priced from just $189. The software giant is also partnering with the BBC, LEGO, NASA, PBS, and Pearson to bring a variety of Mixed Reality and video curricula to schools.

Lenovo has created a $189 100e laptop. It’s based on Intel’s Celeron Apollo Lake chips, so it’s a low-cost netbook essentially, designed for schools. Lenovo is also introducing its 300e, a 2-in-1 laptop with pen support, priced at $279. The new Lenovo devices are joined by two from JP, with a Windows Hello laptop priced at $199 and a pen and touch device at $299. All four laptops will be targeted towards education, designed to convince schools not to switch to Chromebooks.

I'm not sure if these wil persuade schools away from Chromebooks, but assuming non-education customers can get them as well, they may be great little machines for running secondary operating systems on.

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RE[7]: I'm a bit off but...
by Alfman on Wed 24th Jan 2018 00:53 UTC in reply to "RE[6]: I'm a bit off but..."
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So in other words you are jumping through crazy logic hops because there are some people that WANT this? Are YOU gonna cut an extra 20% of your pay to schools so they can all afford an IT staff to write GPOs and enforce policies that these do OOTB?

It is so much simpler than you are making it out to be: If an owner wants to stick with microsoft's app store/browser/etc, than great, they'll have all the benefits you speak of. Otherwise it's still wrong for corporations to actively impede the ower's prerogative to go elsewhere for whatever reason they want. Make it easy to reset to factory conditions if they screw something up.

This is the free market, news flash NOT EVERY ONE IS AN ADVANCED USER so they don't have the skills to lock down dozens and even hundreds of systems to insure they aren't infected with malware, you know this right? Hell I spent a decade in IT but if I had kids in school age? I'd be seriously tempted to buy one because I wouldn't have to spend half a day writing GPOs to lock the thing down.

Again, let microsoft set reasonable defaults, but don't impede owners from exercising control & rights over their own machines.

The moral of the story? If you do not like it DO NOT BUY IT, we have more choices now that ever! You can buy new systems with Windows, OSX, Linux, BSD, hell you can even buy eComstation and run OS/2 Warp if that suits your fancy, so stop having a heart attack because some people want to actually have a system that isn't at constant risk for malware!

I agree, owners should be able to install whatever OS they want without vendors locking them out. ;)

And sorry for the caps, apparently the latest update to Comodo Dragon has pretty much borked the Italic and Bold buttons so I can only use caps to highlight.

You know what, today I was fighting with a safari rendering issue on a client's iphone. He was getting frustrated the page was working everywhere except his iphone. Neither firefox nor chrome had the problem (nor safari on ipad oddly enough). But of course, much like our discussion, apple has taken away the owner's choice to install competing browsers on IOS... it sucks where tech is headed. You may not care about corporations taking control, but will you respect that people like me do?

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