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After years of work, hackers have finally managed to unlock the PS4 hardware with an exploit that lets the system run homebrew and pirated PS4 software. In a somewhat more surprising discovery, those hackers have also unlocked the ability to run many PS2 games directly on the console, using the same system-level emulation that powers legitimate PlayStation Classics downloads.

That's actually quite useful. Too bad this requires hacking and cracking, instead of it simply being a legitimate option. I have quite a few PS2 games I'd love to play directly on my PS4, instead of having to buy remasters.

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RE[2]: Choices
by daedalus on Wed 24th Jan 2018 09:08 UTC in reply to "RE: Choices"
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Up until the Wii U they've been pretty excellent and consistent with their backwards compatibility - practically all games from the previous generation were playable. It's a little different now that the Switch doesn't take disc media so it'll probably end up the same way as the others unfortunately, remastered versions of previous games only available from the store.

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